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Choosing the Right Walking Stick for Elders

In the past, walking sticks & canes were not just used by the elders with mobility problems but also used as a symbol of status in the society, and as weapons to complement one’s attire. But these days walking canes are used if a person has become more unsteady on their feet and require a personal assistance. As parents age, their hips and knees may not function as they used to and sometimes dizziness makes them to lose their footing.

Instruments such as walking sticks & canes facilitate elders walk freely when they have difficulty in moving their legs. Purchasing a luxury walking canes for elders isn’t that easy, as there are varieties of walking sticks that come in different sizes and shapes that are used for multiple purposes and selecting the right one is extremely important for safe support. 

When selecting a walking stick, you need to decide which type of handle you would like. Derby handle is one of the popular handle; it can be hook over the arm. It offers excellent support as user’s weight is directly passed over to shaft of the walking cane. The other type of handle is Fischer; it is perfect for people who suffer from hand troubles such as rheumatism and arthritis. This model is available for both left and right hands of many shapes and sizes. 

Most walking sticks & canes come with adjustable height. They are extremely useful for adjusting your height requirements. Orthopedic sticks and canes are very popular they are specifically designed for people suffering from joint problems, arthritis, rheumatism, visual impairment. If you are frequent traveler folding stick is perfect choice, as these can be folded when they are not used such as in airplane or car. Folding sticks are available in different handle types and colors. 

 The style you need to select depends up on the elder’s requirements. 

C-Cane or Crook Cane is the popular style of cane available. This comes with curved handle and is made of wood. This cane is easy to use, inexpensive and portable. Further it is easy to store and can also be used to grab that is out of reach.

Offset Cane or Center Balance Cane, it is intended for people for who want more support than a C-cane offers. The handle on the offset cane arcs upwards and then flattens out, which makes it easier to hold. This type of canes are mainly designed for people facing problems with arthritis, Parkinson’s, hip or backbone problems. 

Knob Canes or parrot Head Canes, it is more decorative style of walking stick which only provides little bit of support while walking. This model is good to look but it is not practical for senior elders who need more support than what actually it can provide. 

Choose the right height of cane for your senior parents. Most aluminum canes can be adjusted for almost all heights, whereas decorative parrot head sticks and wooden canes cannot be adjusted and must always be tried out for size before purchasing.  Walking stick can be considered as a third leg which helps elders walk effortlessly.

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